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Have you heard...?


Various organizations have reported that applying advanced analytics has helped them predict and prevent workplace injuries:

A large manufacturer reduced its lost work day rate by 97% in just one year


A Fortune 150 energy company reduced its incident rate by 67% within 18 months


A top ENR contractor achieved significant safety improvements including 90% of sites experiencing no lost-time incidents  








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Workplace Safety For All


Safety in the workplace is the joint responsibility of the entire workforce of any organization. 

The benefits of maintaining a safe work environment are many, but first and foremost, safety is about what you can do to protect your workers and those around your work area.  As an employer it is the right thing to do; workers should return home in the same condition as they came to work in.

Proactively practicing safety also brings financial benefits to the table, as a safe work environment impacts a project’s bottom line both directly and indirectly. 

Costs associated with incidents, including worker’s compensation claims, insurance premium costs and legal fees are minimized in a safe work environment.   In fact, employee injuries account for approximately 6 to 9 percent of costs on a job site without an active safety program, as opposed to only 2.5 percent of project costs on a job site with a well-implemented safety program.

In addition, if a firm is practicing safety as a proactive measure and not a reactive one, then they’re most likely going to experience fewer schedule interruptions, which will lower costs.

A safe work environment boosts employee morale as well, which in turn, increases productivity, efficiency, and pride in one’s workplace.  There are fewer staff absences, less turnover and an improved quality of work. 

A solid safety program can also help protect a company’s ability to obtain work.  A contractor’s safety record is evaluated by the National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc. by way of their workman’s compensation claims.  If the firm’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is over 1.0, then the firm may be
viewed as a high risk enterprise, limiting opportunities
for obtaining work. 

Positive business benefits of safety extend beyond the financials.  A solid safety program can help protect a company’s reputation, as lost time due to unsafe practices can translate to poor service quality, which can quickly lead to customer dissatisfaction, negative word-of-mouth, and loss of future business.

It is important to remember that no matter what profession you are in, workplace safety is of the utmost importance.  It should be taken seriously and followed meticulously ALL OF THE TIME.  



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