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Industrial projects are a core competency here at Brookstone Builders, and we are proficient in a number of specialty areas such as clean-room, laboratory construction, specialty electrical & fire safety, specialty HVAC systems and working in occupied space.

Services -- Industrial

Industrial building and construction management are among our strong suits, and we have established ourselves as a provider of on-time/on-budget building and renovation solutions. We also understand the challenges of running a business, and the importance of reliable communication, organization and efficiency.

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Admix Corporate Headquarters & industrial facility in Manchester, NH   Dunn Industries facility, Manchester, NH   Watertown Toyota - Watertown, MA

First-hand Expertise

Over the years we have developed effective management skills and highly automated systems to keep industrial projects moving forward and on schedule.

Many of these jobs involve the renovation and conversion of existing space within an active facility, where client personnel must work on a "business-as-usual" basis near and around the construction site. This type of project demands diligence, superior communication systems, and significantly enhanced safety, noise and dust-abatement measures. All of us at Brookstone are proud of our successful track record in these areas.


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